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Emmersive accelerator experience for disruptive technologies , solution and products dedicated to the attraction and themed parks industry.

Come and build the future of leisure in Romania!

Chapter I

Green & ESG.

Touch Nature Design.

Touch Nature Deisgn produces large terrariums, unique in Romania, with natural tropical plants or reptiles.  Terrariums are fully automated and monitored in  real time through an application installed both at the customer  and at the manufacturer.


B-Team Energy and Environment offers cogeneration and trigeneration solutions using advanced CHP systems with the highest electrical efficiency on the market.

B-Team Energy and Environment company is the exclusive representative in Romania of the German technology leader 2G Energy, supplier of CHP units on natural gas, biogas and syngas.

Lightwork Studio.

Lightwork Studio is the creative design and lighting studio, founded in 2012 in Cluj-Napoca, it means a creative, young team with a common vision: we do not propose through design and technology to bring innovation in lighting systems and to put in value any space through light.


Automatic detection of wrongly sorted waste. We help recycling companies determine and locate households where waste is wrongly sorted.

Chapter II


Netopia & Aqua Azur.

A unique system for the integrated digitization of theme parks and aqua parks with global applicability.

Healthy Swim.

The HealthySwim certification ensures the water your family swims in is clean, healthy and keeps you protected.


Now it’s easier than ever for anyone to find your profile and devices on the map. Moreover, we provide the most advanced and innovative way to share your photos, videos, music or large files with your friends.

Infinity Software.

We pride ourselves on implementing compelling Digital Website Development and Marketing solutions. Our solutions and experience help many of our clients to interact with their clients in the best possible way.


Development Design Security Support. No detail is too small and no challenge is too big. From business to leisure, we got it all covered

Chapter III

Art & Good Life.


We aim to address the concept of anti-aging in an innovative way, which combines the latest facial and body therapies with regenerative medicine, with the following life expectancy improvements, resulting in the maintenance of a more natural and pleasant aesthetic appearance.

We choose and use the best and most innovative brands they produce
dermatocosmetic equipment and products: Filorga, Dermedics, Casmara, Lesielle, Myers’ Cocktail, Cocoon Medical, Alma Lasers.


Old Friends & New Friends – Let’s Party! About ZING PARTY application, icons, search engine. Try our platform and mobile application ZING SPORT.

Sushi Time.

With a Japanese cuisine, the SUSHI TIME restaurant surprises and delights every customer with fresh, unique and appetizing dishes, with a friendly atmosphere that invites you to relax and have fun.


Caricatours is a Studio dedicated to Caricature, Joy and Teamwork. Our lines of business include Live Caricatures drawn at private & corporate events, in a traditional or digital medium, and Studio Caricatures executed as commissions after photos, only in the digital medium.

Our purpose is to create a talent pool and a community of artists in Romania and to set the base for artistic entrepreneurship, emphasizing all the talent and know-how we have gained over the years.

Chapter III

Art & Good Life.

Daniela Mariscu.

AE & AE Accelerator founder, female investor and entrepreneur, investor @LionsEmpire aka Dragons Den, creator of JOY

A pioneer of the Romanian leisure industry, Daniela Marișcu is the co-founder and CEO of Aqua Azur and the founder of the Aquatica Experience brand, a sworn investor in the show “Imperiul Leilor” Pro TV, a member of the Romanian Business Leaders Foundation.

As an investor, Daniela Marișcu aims at the global macro-economic and social impact, by valuing the Romanian creative potential. Her first investment in technology was in 2019, in the YooSend project, a decentralized cloud system based on blockchain technology.

The guiding principle, as an investor: the ultimate good is given by achieving the best individual and, at the same time, a critical mass of people

Ovidiu Toader

Coaching for business and partnerships

Dr. Prof. Cornel Moraru

Philosophy &Visual Art

Dr.Prof Marius Leordeanu

AI Expert & Researcher

Simona Pirtea

Lawyer , M&A

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Street Pescarilor 35E
Constanta RO
+40 723 359 359

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Do you have questions?

Contact Information

Street Pescarilor 35E
Constanta RO
+40 723 359 359

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