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Over 5 ha - built-in water luster

At Aquatica Experience we tailor creative, revenue-generating projects for waterparks, theme parks, and amusement and leisure recreation facilities. With mastery and excellence as our compass, we transform an idea into a fully-functional leisure experience, guiding our clients every step of the way.

With more than 10 years of experience and a portfolio of award winning projects, our partnership stands for innovation in design, the highest safety regulations, and a significant contribution to the future of the leisure industry worldwide. Working with us involves both the conceptual framework and the consultancy services to design, equip and construct successful recreational spaces.

Our process starts with fully mastering the essence of a project. The planning phase caters to the commercial needs of the client, from infrastructure and guest flow to technical authorizations and documentation. We design and deliver a functional concept, also providing installation expertize and long term maintanance according to the clients personalized features.

With both an entrepreneurial vision and professional services to deliver, Aquatica Experience is focused on world-class custom experiences.

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What We Do

Aquatica Experience is a joint venture brand with a strong understanding of the leisure and entertainment industry. Our multidisciplinary team covers all aspects of a project from various expert disciplines: audit, economics, concept, design, construction and implementation, specialized equipment, logistics and documentation, and so forth. We deliver services for both commercial and individual commissions.


We provide personalized top notch planning services including project feasibility studies, analysis, custom design (schematic and detailed), pre concept and concept design, themed rides and attractions, landscaping, all fit-out in accordance to the facilities' specifics.

Custom solutions

From technical documentation to optimized solutions according to the concept budget, we offer architecture and design services that include developing a fully functional aqua park or theme park. With careful attention, we deliver personalized attractions for a fully functional project.


With both technical and operational know-how, our services include the construction and implementation of a recreational project, from installation and commissioning to contracting, and its audit and long term support on demand.

Aquatica Experience


Aqua Azur

Experts in pool design and implementation, with more than 50.000 square meters of water surface built, Aqua Azur offers full services for your desired pool. From consultancy, to technical expertise and maintenance solutions, the company develops beautiful residential and public pools.

Polin Waterpark

Founded in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1976, Polin Waterparks is a global market leader in design, manufacturing and installation of waterslides. With 2500 waterparks projects implemented in 100 countries worldwide, it is a company dedicated to excellency in the waterpark industry.

Evolution. Perfection. Contribution


Our many years of joint expertize in the recreational industry, architecture and design, constructions, and waterpark equipment have translated in successful international projects.

Aquatica Experience

Portofoliu Video

Expertiza noastra comuna in industria de agrement, arhitectura si design, constructii si echipament acvatic specializat cuprinde numerosi ani de aprofundare si dezvoltare a unor proiecte internationale de succes.

The Experience 2:49

The rush of water. The surge of adrenaline. The flow of energy. The screams of joy. You can’t describe it. You have to feel, experience it.

Peninsula Resort 4:08

Situated in Murighiol, right on the lake, the Peninsula Complex offers an outdoor pool and a restaurant.

Baile Figa 2:54

The complex is composed of 4 pools (2 fresh water and 2 salt water) as well as many other attractions …

Evolution. Perfection. Contribution


Our products include both family and adventure fun, according to the recreational facilities developed, ranging from water slides, water play structures, kids play zones (slides, fountains, splash battles etc.) to waterparks, pools, wave parks, aquariums and game technologies.

Aquatica Experience products


We offer both adventure slides like extreme, racer, combo or speed slides and slides for the whole family fun. King Cobra is our award winning racer ride offering an intense experience, with its unique design and special fiberglass theming.

With translucent, special patterns or RTM (resin transfer molding) technologies, our slides are personalized for your theme project, designed and engineered for maximum safety and maximum ride experiences. We create high-speed, energetic, high-capacity, sophisticated slides that offer screams, adrenaline and fun.

Aquatica Experience products

Water Play Structures

Our water play structures are designed with theming options available (jungle, pirates, space etc.), so as to offer interactivity and fun. With modular design to fit custom sizes, improved piping systems and a wide variety of aquatic play features, our structures are meant to enhace every project.

Aquatica Experience products

Kids play&fun

We design attractive and fun structures for the little ones to play in and enjoy. Pirate ships, octopus slides or turtle slides, showers and fountains, colourful and bright products that are safe, have a compact design and can be adapted for your facility.

Aquatica Experience products

Water Park&Resorts

We provide custom designs, attractions and features to make your project unique. The diversity of our waterslides and water structures, along with kids’ animation projects at cost effective ranges enhance every resort. We also offer solutions for cruise ships and expansion projects.

Aquatica Experience products


We offer swimming pools, splash pools and various wave pool systems, to support various leisure activities, both indoor and outdoor. We use cost effective and innovative designs and the latest technologies to assure the bext experiences for the guests.

Aquatica Experience products

Wave parks

We develop wave pool systems that are especially developed for durability, ease of operation, maintenance, safety and fun. Our products are designed to create a different rush of adrenaline with the feeling of real waves. From rivers in many forms to wave pools and surf strems, we cater to your needs.

Aquatica Experience products


From educational aquariums to pool aquariums or outdoor and waterfall aquariums, we create special experiences for the visitors, anywhere and in any dimension. We take into account climate, technologies, support systems and natural habitats, to provide visual feasts and a different recreational activity. Also, we don’t forget income either, developed through entrance fees, souvenirs, photography and cafe/restaurants.

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